Preparing Your Home For Sale

Break out the mop and the paintbrush because it’s time to give your home a mini-makeover. There are lots of little things you can do to increase the appeal of your home that can potentially have a big impact on your bottom line.

  • See your home through a Buyer’s eyes
  • Declutter
  • Clean
  • Repair
  • De-personalize

See Through The Buyer’s Eyes

This is important and difficult to do when you live there and see it day after day. Your REALTOR® will help with this part and will likely give you a personalized list as well as a “stock” list of chores to do prior to listing your home. Start at the street and work your way around the outside and inside of your home. Make a note of all the things, big and small, that take away from your home putting its best foot forward. Weeds to be picked, a hole in the screen door that needs to be repaired, the box in the basement you have to step over – all those things that you hardly even notice any more.


Your home will feel a lot bigger and more inviting when you get rid of all the non-essential stuff lying around. Clear out those closets, remove bulky, unused furniture and remove unwanted clutter. Toss it, donate it to charity and/or hold a garage sale.  Do a good job at this part now and your home will show how spacious it is, how much great storage is available and all with the added bonus of having less to move when the time comes to load the truck on moving day.

Clean Everything

Cleaning is the single most cost effective way to make your home more attractive to Buyers. Floors, windows, walls, doors, baseboards… everything. Give extra care and attention to the two most important rooms in a Buyers mind when it comes to cleanliness: bathrooms and kitchens. Once it’s clean, keep it clean.

Repair As Much As You Can

Identify anything broken, unfinished or non-functioning. Fix all the little things like leaky faucets, doors that squeak or don’t close properly, tighten any loose knobs, repair/fill small cracks or chips, replace burnt out lightbulbs etc.  Major repairs need to be considered.  You will either pay to have things fixed now or pay by receiving lower offers in the future. Some repairs are bigger “deal breakers” than others so be sure to discuss the options with your REALTOR®.

De-Personalize Your Home

Buying a home is an emotional thing and you want potential Buyers to walk through your house imagining themselves living there. You can’t count on the Buyers being able to look past your family portraits, trophys, awards, collections or other very unusual or eccentric items. By removing personal items you make it easier for the Buyer to simply focus on what it would be like to live there with their own family, furniture and belongings.